ECON Children’s Village Transforming Communities

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ECON Children's Village Transforming Communities

.ECON Children’s Village Transforming Communities

ECON Children’s Village transforming the lives of children and communities in need. We provide education, medical care, and psycho-social support in their local communities so that they can become confident, competent, thriving adults who will change the world around them.

Childhood trauma can disrupt children’s development, sense of self and ability to form attachment. This exposure has the potential to create enduring, devastating consequences such as substance abuse, depression, suicidal, lack of education and unemployment.

ECON Children’s Village intervenes to address trauma in the community and to create sustainable, positive change. Through developmentally appropriate, expert-curated toy libraries and the Technical curriculum, children engage in creative play and experience physical, social, emotional and cognitive benefits. These experiences support child development, promote school readiness, and help heal trauma—with the ripple effect of decreasing abuse and neglect in children’s communities.

By training youth at any educational level in the community to serve as the teachers and facilitators for children’s learning, we provide transferable skills that make sense in the local context, offer employment experience, and foster the pride of supporting a child’s progress. The mentor-ship and workforce development creates economic opportunity. This provides mutually beneficial connections between adults and children which creates attachment that positively impacts long-term health, well-being and civic engagement.

“If only everyone could see these children as the fabulous, bright, and special individuals they are.”

There’s no problem we can’t solve!

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