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Uganda, child marriage is often a result of poverty. Many parents marry their daughters in the hope of securing their financial security. Bride price can also a motivation for parents: a younger bride means a higher bride price for the family.

Limited access to education for girls and traditional and social norms which dictate that girls are married at a young age in order to fulfill their role as a wife and mother, play a role too.

There is strong evidence of the positive effect that education has on delaying marriage for girls. But we know much less about the kinds of education policies and programmes that can most effectively reduce child marriage.

Several landmark reports in the past ten years have shed light on what works to keep girls in school. This brief summarizes what we know about addressing barriers to girls’ education, including examples of successful strategies.

The brief includes:

  • The links between child marriage and education and the importance of investing in girls’ education.
  • Common barriers to girls’ education and strategies to address them, highlighting policy initiatives, programmes, and evidence gaps or inconsistencies.
  • A set of policy recommendations for how the education sector can contribute to ending child marriage

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