Econ Children Village Educational programs

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Econ Children Village Educational programs are technical orientation programs which are the most appropriate for the economic and social development of all youths across Uganda. Our education program is not to replace the current programs but to add on the existing education program in Uganda. For a youth/student to intake a given category of study depends on the desire and the passion of the student to intake a given industrial category/subject hence the passion and the talent play a major role for a youth to choose a given subject

Our program covers almost all the industrial categories i.e. Sports, Music, Machinery, Modern farming & agriculture, Computer Science, etc.

Why Econ Children Village Educational programs?

  • Technical, constructional, technological and technical creative thinking;
  • Understanding of the applications of scientific knowledge in the operation of technical equipment;
  • User-commercial thinking (which people often use in purchasing technical equipment and using them, e.g. in households);
  • Information and habits of safe and hygienic use of technology in general;
With our Programs Furthermore,technical and financial problems
  • Manual habits and skills (for the processing of commercially available engineering materials), including skills to safely use tools and technical aids, available in large stores;
  • The ability to implement cooperative and team-working teaching with an emphasis on experimental activities and implementation of projects in the field of technical products;
  • Effective thinking and effective work with technical materials and equipment (saving materials and tools correctly and safely using appropriate technical equipment, environmental impact and disposal techniques, etc.).
  • processes and systems

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